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"weird and emo"

I like snowing and vinyl and pink

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millpondpottery asked: from a basement on a hill disk 2

thank u


Art school confidential, Joanna Szproch

tumblr which elliott smith album should I cry to tonight ??


Jeneil Williams photographed by Ben Toms for AnOther F/W 2010

don’t trust boys. don’t trust anyone. why do I let everyone know everything about myself.


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Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2007 | The Great Wave of Kanagawa (as know as The Wave) by Hokusai

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tfw no job tfw no ambition tfw no significant other tfw nothing to do tfw I just want to do drugs and fuck up my life and die tfw not a great student tfw not in the lifestyle I want to be in tfw sexually confused constantly tfw gender confused tfw fucked up all my relationships :-(


never give up on your dreams

keep sleeping